Accountability person meaning in hindi

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Accountability full explanation and process to develop accountability.

Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. There were furious demands for greater police accountability. Accountability is important these daysand managers aren't always willing to adopt risky strategies.

See accountable. Citizens must demand accountability from their leaders. The main way of ensuring public accountability is through select committees. The new command structure will have a higher degree of accountability.

accountability person meaning in hindi

The organization suffers from a lack of accountability. Examples of accountability.In ethics and governanceaccountability is answerability, blameworthinessliabilityand the expectation of account-giving.

In leadership roles, [2] accountability is the acknowledgment and assumption of responsibility for actions, productsdecisions, and policies including the administrationgovernance, and implementation within the scope of the role or employment position and encompassing the obligation to report, explain and be answerable for resulting consequences.

In governance, accountability has expanded beyond the basic definition of "being called to account for one's actions".

To Hold Someone Accountable, First Define What Accountable Means

Another key area that contributes to accountability is good records management. Political accountability is when a politician makes choices on behalf of the people and the people have the ability to reward or sanction the politician.

Representatives can be held accountable through two mechanisms: electoral replacement and rational anticipation. Rational anticipation requires that representatives anticipate the consequences of being out of step with their constituency and then govern in accordance with citizens' wishes to avoid negative consequences.

Electoral accountability refers to citizens using the vote to sanction or reward politicians, but other forms of political accountability do exist.

Some researchers have considered the accountability using formal theorywhich makes assumptions about the state of the world to draw larger conclusions link. Voters can hold representatives accountable through the process of sanctioning, voters voting the incumbent out of office in response to poor performance. Some factors make it harder for voters to sanction incumbents.

When politicians do not have control over the outcomes, then accountability breaks down because it is harder to hold them accountable. Refer to the liability of government servants to give a satisfactory account of the use of their power and resources. It is often that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore, checking the accountability is the basis of the success of Public Administration.

Politicians may be incentivized to provide public goods as a means of accountability. Another condition determining how voters use the provision of public goods to hold leaders accountable is whether the prioritization of public goods is determined either directly via vote or delegated to a governing body. Other research indicates voters use elections to hold politicians accountable for the provision of public goods. Politicians may also have incentives to respond to pressure for public goods provision in electoral autocracies.

Political changes after protests can be the result of the protests per se or symptoms of shifts in political preferences underneath the observable phenomena of the protests. One study of the Tea Party movement in the United States has shown that protests per se have an impact on political change. Mass protests instigated by economic hardship and political repression occurred in 16 sub-Saharan African countries, and 21 governments in the region implemented significant political reforms such as adoption of multiparty elections.As recounted in the Hindi -language film Shakuntala Devi, available with subtitles on Amazon Prime, she could make complex mental calculations at a rapid-fire pace, even as a small child.

In Hindi and a number of other languages derived from Sanskrit, namaste is basically a respectful way of saying hello and also goodbye.

In Hindidhoom means blast, and this movie may indeed be a blast.

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They use among themselves a dialect which appears to resemble a Hindi language. At the end of a brief talk in Hindi which I was giving outdoors, the skies unloosed a sudden downpour. You draw the Monkey-god in pencil and then write Ram all along the lines in minute Hindi characters.

accountability person meaning in hindi

Hindi is also used as a comprehensive term for all the kindred dialects of Hindustan. But the Hindi did not want to be left in the jungle, he said, but, after arriving in Unyanyembe. Can you guess what they mean? Words nearby Hindi HindenburgHindenburg linehinderHindfellhindgutHindihindmostHindooHindoostanihindquarterhindrance. A documentary and a Bollywood film highlight two disparate paths in mathematics Emily Conover October 15, Science News.Accountability is when an individual or department experiences consequences for their performance or actions.

Accountability is essential for an organization and for a society. Without it, it is difficult to get people to assume ownership of their own actions because they believe they will not face any consequences. Accountability is especially important in the world of corporate finance and accounting. Otherwise investors and the public can lose faith in the trustworthiness of corporate financial reports, which has happened following high-profile accounting scandals in the past.

Without checks, balances, and consequences for wrongdoing, the integrity of the capital markets would not be able to be maintained, damaging those markets' ability to perform their vital social functions.

Corporate accounting scandals in the late 90s and early aughts, the global financial crisis and the rigging of interest and exchange rates have all served to erode public trust in financial institutions. Such scandals usually result in tougher regulations, and indeed there are compliance departments and entire armies of regulators and private watchdogs working to make sure that companies report their earnings correctly, trades are executed in a timely fashion, and information provided to investors is timely, informative, and fair.

But many leaders have called for the creation of a new culture of accountability in finance—one that comes from within. There are several examples of how the world of finance tries to implement accountability. An auditor reviewing a company's financial statement is responsible and legally liable for any misstatements or instances of fraud.

Accountability forces an accountant to be careful and knowledgeable in their professional practices, as even negligence can cause them to be legally responsible. As an example, an accountant is accountable for the integrity and accuracy of the financial statementseven if errors were not made by them.

Managers of a company may try to manipulate their company's financial statements without the accountant knowing. There are clear incentives for the managers to do this, as their pay is usually tied to company performance. This is why independent outside accountants must audit the financial statements, and accountability forces them to be careful and knowledgeable in their review.

Public companies are also required to have an audit committee as a part of their board of directors who are outside individuals with accounting knowledge. Their job is to oversee the audit. Career Advice. Your Money.It's a common story. You end a strategic meeting. There are several initiatives on which everyone agrees are important to complete by the end of the quarter.

Everyone at the table says they will contribute to get it all done, but when the end of the quarter arrives very little of the list actually got accomplished. It's not that these were bad people or that they didn't work hard. In fact they were likely all highly responsible members of the team. The problem was that no one was actually accountable for making sure the initiatives were complete. Many struggle with the definition of accountability versus responsibility.

The difference is simple. Many people can be responsible for helping out on a task or initiative. But accountability belongs only to one person who will be judged on the completion of the project. Truly accountable people are very hard to find. Accountability comes from within. It is not something you are given, you have to choose it to own it.

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Here are 8 of the many habits accountable people choose to make part of their everyday life. When responsibility is forced upon people they can often be resistant or even resentful.

Highly accountable people willingly take on responsibility and actively manage it so it gets done. They make sure once the initiative has their name on it, no one else need worry about its completion. Objective hindsight is helpful when problem solving, but when something goes wrong, in-the-moment blame is a waste of time and energy.

Highly accountable people don't throw others under the bus for their own missteps or inaction. They also don't excuse themselves based upon outside influences. They do good analysis and solve problems as they arise. What good is completing initiatives if the usefulness of the result is long past. Highly accountable people understand that every project has a time value and that punctuality serves a purpose. Part of what makes them trustworthy is their efficiency and dependability to not waste a minute of other people's time or their own.

In any project obstacles occur. But proper planning with a positive and pragmatic attitude can overcome nearly any obstruction. A victim mentality is not in a highly accountable person's repertoire. They do not wait to be checked or monitored by others but work proactively and diligently with the team to finish the job.

Emotions can run hot on a high stakes project.


Highly accountable people know that negative emotions can derail productivity. They stay in control of their feelings and don't let a bad day or emotional colleague get in the way of accomplishing what needs to be done. They aggressively attack each problem at it's core making sure no one gets lost in the emotion of insecurity and dependence. Vagueness leads to inactivity. Highly accountable people are clear about what needs to be done and when.

accountability person meaning in hindi

They think carefully and realistically about a project and give you an answer you can rely on. When something gets in the way, they assess it, resolve it and communicate proactively to make sure everyone is on board with the adjusted result.

There are few worthwhile tasks that can be completed by a single individual. Highly accountable people are great at using the resources around them.

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They make the most of each available body by engaging, inspiring and empowering them to add positively to the result.At the end of a meeting, most leaders know that they should recap next steps and determine who is accountable for each. Consider this example. During a meeting at a luxury retailer, the executive team decided that the company needed a digital strategy for its China operations.

But what did Paul mean? Was Madison tasked with forming a team that should develop a consensus view on what the company should do in China, or was she tasked with making the decision and executing? Or was it something else? At the time, no one thought to ask or clarify. Madison went ahead and formed a team, which had several meetings. So Madison chose her preferred option, which she then relayed to Paul.

Sound familiar? The problem, in our view, started at the moment Madison was named accountable. What was intended? On one end of the spectrum is the is sue owner. A full team may be assigned to help, but the issue owner can make the decision however she chooses. She can decide unilaterally.

accountability person meaning in hindi

She can call one meeting or She can solicit individual opinions or talk to some team members but not everyone. She controls the process and ultimately owns the final decision. On the other end of the spectrum is the team coordinator.

In the middle is the t iebreaker. Different issues may call for different meanings of accountability in the same organization.

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Create an account to read 2 more.Definition: Accountability is the action of being held responsible for the results obtained after performing a given activity. It is a situation where what is being delivered is reviewed and evaluated. In a business context, accountability is essential to keep work relationships transparent and productive. Accountability also aims to avoid negligence and wrong doings in the workplace.

Employees should be held accountable for what they do, to the extent that they were conscious of what they were doing.

An employee can be held accountable for anything they do within the parameters of what they were hired for. Accountability becomes more important for senior management staff, since the impact of their decisions is higher. This means that top executive activities should be more thoroughly reviewed in order to avoid misconducts and undesired consequences from wrong decisions.

Smith is a Certified Public Accountant.

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He works independently for a handful of private businesses providing bookkeeping services and tax advice. He has a 4-people team to help him carry the load of work that comes into the office daily. These team members manage different clients and they mostly do the bookkeeping tasks while Mr. Smith focuses on more complex accounting matters. By doing this, Mr.

Smith keeps his team accountable for all activities they are engaged in, allowing him to maintain a transparent work environment. Search for:.

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